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The Hu:toma botstore allows you to purchase skills that you can then transfer to your bot. Mix and match bots together to create new functionalities. Bots purchased here will appear in the skill section when you create a new bot.
Concerts Bot
If you are looking for a concert I will be the best help you can have !
licence Free
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Music fans, it´s your time! In love with rock, techno, electronic music, or old school jazz-funk? Find a concert that fits your taste and mood with our Concert Bot. You want a precise concert ? Ask me where you want to see your favorite artist I send you the results
Sample Request
-”Will U2 play in Berlin ?” -”I’m looking for Harry Styles concert in Barcelona” -”Is Coldplay playing in Frankfurt ?” -”Concert of rock this week in london” -”Find me something for this week in Barcelona”