Hu:toma Botstore — transfer skills to your bot in few clicks
The Hu:toma botstore allows you to purchase skills that you can then transfer to your bot. Mix and match bots together to create new functionalities. Bots purchased here will appear in the skill section when you create a new bot.
Recipe Finder
Lack of ideas for tonight meal ? Just tell me what you have in your fridge and I will propose some recipes !
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As everyone which is cooking dishes, it happened sometime that you have a lack of ideas. Thanks to this recipe finder you will never reach this problem ! Let me know what kind of food you want to eat, your available ingredients and that’s it ! You will have a selection of recipes !
Sample Request
-”Find me an Italian Main course” -”What can I cook with onions, ham, cheese, noodles, tomatoes ?” -”Do you know a vegan dessert ?” -”French dessert” -”Vegetarian breakfast” -”I want a vegetarian soup”