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The Hu:toma botstore allows you to purchase skills that you can then transfer to your bot. Mix and match bots together to create new functionalities. Bots purchased here will appear in the skill section when you create a new bot.
Get the weather in your city, or wherever you want? Auckland to Zagreb.
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The WeatherBot is able to give you weather information for any city or town around the world. Ask our bot for the weather today, tomorrow, the weekend or get a 5 day forecast. It’s a perfect advisor for your weekly activities. Give it a try!
Sample Request
*This bot is currently in beta, we are continuously making it better for you!* Sample request : -”What’s the weather for today in Paris” -”Will it be a good day tomorrow in Berlin ?” -”Is it hot in La Croix Saint Leufroy this week ?” -”Can I go to the beach this week in Barcelona ?” -“Show me the weather for New York this weekend” -”Send me weather forecast for Reading” - ¨Do I need an Umbrella today?¨