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Lalitha Hardware Customer FAQ Bot
Know more about our firm and build your dream home
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A bot that helps users/customers to know more about the firm's (Lalitha Hardware) business offerings. It also helps in connecting potential customers to the firm.
Sample Request
Hi Hi there, Welcome to Lalitha Hardware's Customer Support. How can I help you with? Type, 1. know more - to know more about us 2. address - for address 3. location - for location on map 4. phone number for phone number 5. email - for email id 6. website for website 7. FB page - to connect with us on our facebook page 8. Main menu - to get our details menu again (in case you forget) About us We are a one stop destination for all your architectural hardware needs, be it for your dream home, your office or any buildings. Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to serve you.